About Fundraising with We Add Up
We Add Up is the meaningful (and fun!) way to fundraise for your school, college, church, or organization. Educate your community about climate solutions while raising money for your projects. Choose between our OFFLINE or ONLINE fundraisers or do both!

Here's what a few of our fundraising partners had to say:

"Everyone has been pleased with the quality of your product and it has been a pleasure doing business with your company."
- Donna Abbruzzese, Farnsworth Middle School

"You are this amazing team who have made this process so nice. You have this great product and you sell it with such focus on customers; you guys are amazing..."
- Carey Shenal, Stonewall Jackson High School

Offline Fundraiser
The benefits of the offline version (using catalogs) are that you can easily generate enthusiasm in your school, as people can look through a catalog and place an order on the spot. Our popular offline fundraiser is free to start, free to run, and gives you free shipping of your group order!

Both We Add Up® T-shirts and Magnets are in our catalog, so you can easily sell both lines or focus on one of them. The more We Add Up® T-Shirts and Magnets you sell, the higher commission you make! Sell 25 shirts, earn 15% commission. Sell 50 shirts, earn 25% commission. Sell 100 shirts, earn 35% commission.

The Magnet commission structure is run separately. If you sell under 50 Magnets, you earn $1 per Magnet. Sell 50+ Magnets, earn $2 per Magnet. Sell 100+ Magnets, earn $2.50 per Magnet. Sell 250+ Magnets, earn $3 per Magnet!

We recommend every school pre-order a sample pack of We Add Up® Magnets to sell in person to generate buzz and excitement for your fundraiser.

For full details, read over this document. Then, print out and fax in your Waiver/Registration and your group will be registered. We’ll then mail you catalogs and your group can get started right away!

Questions? Please contact Jill Palermo at (440) 289-9245 or

Online Fundraiser
The benefits of the online version are that you can sell to anyone anywhere in the world. It’s as simple as uploading a graphic on your website and sending out an email. We recommend you have a sizeable email list, high online traffic, or lots of Facebook fans in order to reach sales success with the online fundraiser. Your group earns 15% commission on sales that are directed to You sign up online, receive your unique web link that tracks all the visitors you direct to our site, and are given banner ads to chose from to upload to your website. Here are the steps to getting started:

Step 1: Register your group here. Click on “Register,” fill out the simple 1-page form.

Step 2: Send an email to Give your username, and let us know that you are a school or non-profit and need your account upgraded to a 15% commission.

Step 3: Welcome! Now all you need to do is spread the word about your fundraiser. Log in to your account and click on “Banner HTML Code.”

Step 4: Under “Text Link,” there will be a line of HTML code. Use this line of code in email blasts or on your website. The unique web address shown within the "a" tags is YOUR web address. This is the address that will track your sales, so you are given your commissions. There are also lots of banners to choose from. Put one or two of these on your website.

Tips for greater results!
  • Put a WE ADD UP banner or text link in the header or footer of all school or organizational email.
  • Send an email to alumni or parents.
  • Encourage group members to put a link on their myspace and facebook pages.

Contact us to learn more or register your group and get started right away!