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Showering together preferred way to beat global warming, says WE ADD UP

#1-selling T-shirt of global warming awareness campaign demonstrates America's commitment to doing whatever it takes to reduce resource consumption

Willoughby, OH – (March 17, 2008) – It could have been "Wind" or "Solar" or even good, old "Recycle," but no: Customers of prefer – by a strong margin – to "Shower Together" to help break global warming's grip. WE ADD UP, which launched last November, is a global warming awareness campaign that uses custom-printed organic cotton T-shirts to get the message out that everybody's efforts are important in the fight to reduce greenhouse-gas-causing carbon emissions. When customers buy shirts, they choose the image that describes the action they are taking to improve their carbon footprint. "Shower Together" is the #1-selling shirt out of the 24 styles available.

"Not only is it our most popular shirt, but amusingly, many people I meet seem to feel comfortable telling me in person that they shower together to save hot water and time," said Jill Palermo, co-founder of WE ADD UP. "It's not like I'm asking, but as it turns out, showering together is a time-tested method of conserving resources."

Aside from potentially improving relationships, doubling up in the shower can help your bottom line by lowering your water bills and gas bills. Showers account for 17 percent of individual water use in North America, according to the American Water Works Association. The U.S. Dept. of Energy reports that adding a low-flow showerhead will also help reduce water bills by 20 to 60 percent, and Xcel Energy says using less hot water saves money and prevents 350 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

After "Shower Together," which represents 11 percent of sales, "Recycle" (10 percent), "Demand Change" (nine percent), "Bike" and "Buy Local" (seven percent each) round out WE ADD UP's top five most popular T-shirts, which represent further actions people currently embrace.

A survey release in Jan. 2007 by the Pew Research Center found that 60 percent of people agreed that they should be doing more to help reduce global warming. An April 2007 poll taken by CBS News and The New York Times supports several of the same actions that WE ADD UP promotes. The poll revealed that 75 percent of people would be willing to pay more for solar and wind power, and four out of five people said they recycle regularly. Sixty-eight percent said they would consider driving a hybrid car. However, 40 percent of those polled said that the federal government could do a lot about global warming, while only 27 percent believe that citizens can do a lot about it.

"This is how we got the idea for WE ADD UP," said Palermo. "We wanted to bust the myth that only the government and large corporations can do something about global warming. If the remaining 73 percent of the population that is feeling either paralyzed or indifferent chose to do one thing differently, it would have a profound effect on the environment."

Driven by a personal desire to spread hope, and to inspire action, the mother/daughter team of Judy Pezdir and Jill Palermo created WE ADD UP, a global warming awareness campaign that is printed on organic cotton T-shirts that literally "counts you in" in the fight to stop climate change. Every shirt is printed by hand with a number that represents your position in the sequential global count of all the people who are taking steps to reduce their carbon emissions. On the back of each shirt is an image with a word or phrase that describes an action almost anyone can take. WE ADD UP also offers organic cotton reusable grocery tote bags that say "Neither," recycled plastic water bottles and stainless steel coffee mugs. WE ADD UP works with and invests in wind and solar power projects to offset all of the carbon costs of running the project. The company also offers customers a carbon-free shipping option. Its Web site is hosted by DreamHost, which runs all of its servers on renewable energy. Its fundraising catalogs are printed on 100 percent recycled paper with soy inks, and the manufacturing is offset by wind energy credits. Please visit for more information.

Start Counting! WE ADD UP™ launches personalized campaign to raise global warming awareness

Cool campaign literally 'counts you in' in the effort to cool the planet

Willoughby, OH – (Oct. 29, 2007) – The climate crisis is real and happening right now. People are asking, "What difference will changing my light bulbs really make? The problem is so huge, and I'm just one person." A new campaign is taking global warming head on by raising awareness of its devastating affects while educating people on ways to stave off, and even potentially reverse imminent climate change. WE ADD UP encourages people to make small or large changes in their lives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

WE ADD UP is a global campaign using organic cotton t-shirts that literally "counts you in." Every shirt is printed by hand with a unique number. YOUR number represents your place in the sequential global count of all the people who are taking steps to help stop climate change. As the count grows, we demonstrate to the world that "WE ADD UP." On the back of each shirt is a word or phrase that describes an action almost anyone can take to reduce their carbon footprint - the contribution their lifestyle makes to greenhouse gases - such as, Unplug, Lights Off, Carpool, Hybrid, Bike, Buy Local, and 18 others. You choose which action you are committed to doing and get counted in. WE ADD UP also offers o¬rganic cotton reusable grocery tote bags that say "Neither" (the answer to the paper or plastic question), and recycled plastic sports bottles and stainless steel coffee mugs that also promote the WE ADD UP message.

"The mission of the campaign is to spread the message that each of our efforts do matter, because collectively, we add up," said Jill Palermo, marketing director of I'm Organic®, the messaging company that developed the campaign. "This is a global issue, and our goal is to get millions of people worldwide counted in and committed to taking action to stop climate change now. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something."