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Our Mission
Our Mission

We're living in a time of rapid change and uncertainty about the future. The predominant story in our culture can scare you right to your core - environmental destruction, rapid climate change, increasing poverty and health crises around the world. When we are each focused on just getting by day to day in this rapidly changing landscape, it can be hard to believe that what we do and who we are really matters.

Our mission at We Add Up is to celebrate the plethora of choices each of us can make that contribute to creating a positive, thriving future.

We want to raise these choices up and celebrate them - because it is a brave and hopeful thing to do! We want to count you in, whether you do one of them or thirty of them, we want you to know that you are part of a larger puzzle of people who dare to care.

What if we knew that our little piece in the whole is so important that simply by our participation, we assure that is our destiny? And, what if millions of people around the world wore this message and were ambassadors for this idea? How widely and deeply would our impact spread?

We really are all in this together simply by being alive on this planet at this time. Positive energy and action is able to shift the course of the world and our future. There is a butterfly effect with our choices and we'll never know the true impact of any one choice (whether it is to not put chemical fertilizers on our lawn or to write a letter to our Senators). At We Add Up, we live by the assumption that each one of us is a significant tipping point.

We hear from our customers again and again and again that they are asked by complete strangers - "What does that number mean?" We Add Up gives you a platform to educate on the streets and declare who you are when you start up conversations about your t-shirt.

Taking action and cultivating an attitude that what we do and who we are matters is what moves us forward. Not only do we become a positive example for those around us, inspiring them to action, in the meantime we feel great, often save money, and live a more connected life. We are taking care of our individual space. That is more likely to spread to others. Positive reinforcement inspires growth. And the more people there are doing these things and cultivating a thriving mindset, the greater our collective power becomes to create the kind of society we want.