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Who We Are
Who We Are

We Add Up, founded by a mother/daughter team in 2007, is an organic t-shirt campaign that counts you in for your positive impacts in the world. We offer over 40 impacts (from Gardening to Recycling) almost anyone can do and print that on the back of your t-shirt. We then count you in for that commitment by custom printing YOUR unique number on the front. This number represents your position in our global sequential count of people adding up to make change. As more people join in, our count grows. And we show that together - We Add Up!

We Add Up is a Green America Approved business for people and the planet. What does that mean? We've been through Green America's rigorous vetting process that investigates our entire supply chain and business practices to ensure we are sweatshop-free and kind to the planet. You can be assured this certification means you're buying from a company that walks the talk and measures every decision by the triple bottom line. Learn more about our green business practices, awards, and products by clicking here.

We Add Up offers the ultimate t-shirt or gift for a person who is passionate about living a meaningful life. We love to count in whole families (in sequential order!), co-workers, and friends. We also love to work with schools and non-profits by offering a unique fundraiser that raises money for the group while raising awareness about our collective power for positive change.

Every new shirt we add to our We Add Up line comes from customer suggestion. So, get involved, tell us how you're making a difference, and add up with us!

About the Founders

We Add Up was founded by mother-daughter team Judy Pezdir and Jill Palermo. Judy and Jill are artists, environmentalists, and entrepreneurs. They began collaborating on projects in 2002, supporting each other's painting careers. See Judy and Jill's paintings! In 2004, they founded The Ribbon Revolution, creating a product line to respond to the proliferation of pro-war magnetic car ribbons. In 2006, they founded I'm Organic, a full eco-friendly product line that promoted the values of organic living. In 2007, Judy and Jill became increasingly concerned about global warming and climate change and decided to launch a brand that demonstrated the collective power of our individual actions. We Add Up was born in November 2007 and immediately it became clear that after much trial and error, We Add Up was the message they had been looking for and perfectly embodied their passion for a just, sustainable world.

Judy is known for her boisterous laugh and passion for the issues. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs, and first exercised that muscle after retiring from 30 years of teaching art in a public high school. She was the kind of art teacher that the kids would try to hang out in her art room all day and still call 20 years later. Judy loves to make a difference and teach everyone that they are important.

Jill is known for her constant flow of ideas and creativity. She has been involved in environmental issues since helping found a club at the age of 9. Jill graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, studying architecture and art, in 2002. After college, Jill lived in the mountains of Oregon on an organic farming eco-village and learned how to live in harmony with the land. Since then, her passion for art, environment, social justice, and entrepreneurship has spawned many projects.